About Us

LVE is produced by Schachter & Co, a division of Leo Schachter, and comes with four generations of integrity and ethical manufacturing of diamonds.

Leo Schachter Diamonds is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polished diamonds. Founded in New York in 1952, and a De Beers/DTC Sightholder since 1966, the company now has factories and offices in 11 countries around the world. The company’s worldwide headquarters is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, which also serves as our international distribution hub. Leo Schachter’s manufacturing infrastructure employs more than 1500 polishers in China, Botswana, India, Israel, Thailand and New York. Our sales offices can be found in every major diamond center in the world.

Besides our core diamond business, Leo Schachter also manufactures diamond jewelry through subsidiaries Schachter Diamonds Complete in New York and Kama-Schachter in Mumbai, India. Our partner, William Goldberg Diamonds in New York, specializes in producing very high-end diamond jewelry.

Leo Schachter Diamonds is the home of The Leo Diamond, one of the world’s most successful diamond brands, as well as the Legacy Diamond Collection, the Elexese Diamond, and Love’s Embrace™.

As a participant in the Kimberley Process and as a veteran leader of the diamond industry, Leo Schachter Diamonds is dedicated to ensuring the highest ethical standards and is committed to the worldwide effort to stop the flow of conflict diamonds.