In what sizes are LVE diamonds available?
LVE round brilliant and LVE princess cut diamonds are available from 1/2 carat and up.

What is the entry-level price point for an LVE engagement ring?
While diamond prices are subject to change, at this time LVE engagement rings are available starting at $3650.

Are all diamonds used in LVE rings and jewelry LVE diamonds?
Yes. All LVE rings and jewelry have LVE diamonds and are cut to the same exacting standards.

How do I purchase LVE diamond jewelry?
LVE diamond jewelry can be ordered from an Authorized LVE Retail Jeweler. Use the Where to Buy search box to find an Authorized LVE Retail Jeweler near you.

What is an LVE diamond?
LVE is a branded diamond that is cut for beauty by the artisans of Leo Schachter Diamonds, and LVE diamonds receive the highest grade for cut, polish and symmetry. LVE is also available in a range of carefully selected fancy shapes, including Princess and Cushion.

Can I purchase directly from LVE?
LVE jewelry can be purchased from Authorized Retail Jewelers. Use the Where to Buy search box to find an Authorized LVE Retail Jeweler near you.

What metal choices do I have when purchasing LVE rings and jewelry?
LVE jewelry is available in 18 karat white, yellow and rose gold.

Does all LVE bridal jewelry include the center diamond?
Yes. All LVE engagement rings are sold with the center diamond.

Can I purchase just my center diamond from LVE?
Yes, your Authorized LVE Retail Jeweler can assist you in finding the perfect LVE diamond.

Can I put my own diamond into an LVE setting? 
LVE rings are not available without an LVE center diamond.

Are all the LVE designs available on the website?
Yes. We encourage you to visit the LVE website frequently as we regularly add new designs.

Do LVE products come with a warranty?
Speak to your Authorized LVE Retail Jeweler about their store warranty.

What is a Certificate of Assurance, and do I need one?
The LVE Certificate of Assurance is an important document that assures you that your LVE jewelry came from an Authorized LVE Retail Jeweler. This is your guarantee that your purchase is authentic LVE diamond jewelry.

How do I find the LVE retailer closest to my home?
Use the Where to Buy search box to find an Authorized LVE Retail Jeweler near you.

How can I sign up to receive more information about LVE and special events? 
You can sign up easily by entering your email address under Newsletter Sign-up located in the footer or use the My Account button to create an account and select your communication preferences.

What is unique about LVE bridal and fashion diamond jewelry designs?
LVE is a proprietary design created around the powerful symbolism of capturing life’s journey through the unique thread of precious metal, evident on most LVE jewelry and rings.

What is your social and environmental accountability in sourcing your diamonds?
Leo Schachter Diamonds is a participant in the Kimberley Process. As a veteran leader of the diamond industry, Leo Schachter Diamonds is dedicated to ensuring the highest ethical standards, and is also committed to the worldwide effort to stop the flow of conflict diamonds.

What company is behind the LVE brand and product?
LVE was created, developed, handcrafted, marketed and guaranteed byLeo Schachter Diamonds, a division of Leo Schachter – producing fine polished diamonds since 1952.
LVE is an exclusively licensed trademark of Leo Schachter Diamonds