Every LVE diamond, engagement ring and precious piece of LVE diamond jewelry is the proud work of the master artisans of Leo Schachter, one of the leading producers of fine diamonds in the world. Merging state of the art technology with the passion and craftsmanship of four generations of artisans, Schachter creates extraordinary diamonds of unprecedented precision, symmetry and beauty. Each LVE diamond is individually handcrafted, cut to the highest standard and skillfully designed to bring out the internal fire and brilliance of the diamond.

LVE round brilliant diamonds are cut to ideal proportions achieving maximum brilliance and beauty resulting in the coveted level of precision that forms the hallmark hearts and arrows pattern. LVE fancy shape diamonds- Princess and Cushion- are cut to exacting parameters to meet impeccable standards of quality.

As one of the largest producers of premium polished diamonds in the world, Schachter is committed to upholding the highest ethical practices, and LVE diamonds are in compliance with all international treaties and standards.